Food inflation must be hard on many
Posted 4/25/2022 06:42 (#9630678 - in reply to #9630626)
Subject: RE: Food inflation must be hard on many

East central Iowa

Remember, food is cheap.  It's labor, transportation, marketing, packaging, that make what you eat expensive. Dollar corn in 1950 would be $11.93 today, and it isn't.  
Mom used to pedal eggs for 35¢ dozen in the late 50's and early 60's, those eggs from 1960 would be $3.40 and they aren't either.
My aunt in her later years used to say, "I've got to remember that everything costs 10 times as much as when I was young."  Too often we get caught in the prices of our youth and forget all the government inflation has raised the price of many things.

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