Poor Man's Fence
Posted 6/10/2021 20:16 (#9052284)
Subject: Poor Man's Fence

West Central Illinois
Just got a shade over a half mile of this built replacing some fence from the 30s (counted rings on an 80ish year old cherry tree grown into old fence). Had to use a few steel lines in spots that had roots but "free" hedge line posts the rest the way. Might want to invest in a posthole digger some day digging them by hand really gets to me these days when its hot.

And yes I know it's not a "real fence" since it's all got a hot wire on inside of it but makes the rotational grazing and moving cattle every day or every other much more easier to get power for my portable hotwire reels.

Pretty cheap deal all this amount cost me was about $300 in the few steel posts and odds and ends, got a pallet full of gently used 15 gauge gaucho wire at the auction last winter

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