Buying Puts selling Calls-- Dec22-- AGAIN
Dan Loehr
Posted 6/10/2021 10:52 (#9051423)
Subject: Buying Puts selling Calls-- Dec22-- AGAIN

Holland, Indiana (SW IN)
Thought it was easier to buy time value than to sell it
I looked like one of the few trading the Dec22 options
BUT just sold 2- Dec22 5.60 calls for 47 cents
SO 2 $5.00 puts bought for 47
2 $5.60 calls sold for 47

should get between $5.00 and 5.60 dec futures SO when we haul corn in Jan 23 add 20 cents or more (roll to March and good basis normally)First 10,000 bu 2022 crop locked
long time between now and then .........
Heck I'm happy :-)


And FWIW seem to very seldom hold options till expire ...... But hold if need to

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