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Subject: RE: Corn

IALTO - 6/10/2021 11:52 More importantly, where do the acres come from? There will be more in ND and north MN for sure but can we count them as 180 BPA acres on a good year, let alone this year?

Yep, maybe the bigger question is where do the last 1-2 million extra corn acres that everybody is expecting come from?  Obviously there are acres in those northwestern areas that got planted that have been mud bogs for a long time.  There are significant acres that are typically the most consistent and productive continuous corn regions of Iowa where there will be extra soybeans because of the derecho aftermath.   And the first 85-90% of the crop went in the ground at a great pace, but the last 10% has not had an easy time.and those acres are definitely not increasing for corn in June when the alternative is $14 beans.   Personally, I only had about six hours left to be finished planting corn when we got wet earlier in May.  When I figured out that I was going to have a minimum of two full days replanting corn (much of which had NH3 and chemical already down) we made the executive decision to take that last farm which was planned to be sidedress N anyway and blow through it with Matador and 24D in the sprayer and notill it to beans.  There have definitely been more like that made south and east of here, but I don't think anybody has said "hey we can buy some $700 anhydrous and switch a few bean acres to corn on the 7th of June!" 

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