The greatest generation.
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Posted 6/10/2021 08:40 (#9051247)
Subject: The greatest generation.

Northern Alberta
The generation preceding the baby boomers is often touted as "the greatest generation". Compared to today, perhaps these are a couple reasons for it. Was reading an article on Chryslers "Airflow" which debuted in 1932. In the article, two statements struck me. "Nearly one in three wage earners in the US were unemployed. When the city of Birmingham Alabama advertised for 750 labourers to do "the hard dirty, work digging" a canal for $2 per 10 hour day, more than 12,000 people showed up". Followed later in the article that "dealers wallpapered their local broadsheets with ads, many featuring testimonials from neighbourhood buyers such as David L Barasloux, of 7406 Oglesby Ave, Chicago, (the time were so innocent that peoples addresses were routinely printed in the paper)". Today, we see jobs going unfilled (and we are not talking about "the hard dirty work of digging" because people would rather sit at home on the govt dole and there is NO WAY you could print someones address in the paper ESPECIALLY if it was to state that that person was able to buy something others could not afford. I don't know if these things contribute to the sense that that was the "greatest generation" or more a statement of todays being the absolute WORST generation.
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