You partner to the rescue
Posted 6/10/2021 10:53 (#9051424 - in reply to #9050936)
Subject: RE: You partner to the rescue


That thing reads like a cluster bomb being dropped on a fat old man's location. There's no way he's out running it. I can already see the EQUIP to the rescue plans being drawn up for every nonprofitable 20 head herd in the country in order to make them "sustainable". Consumers are going to get to enjoy being screwed twice. Once at the meat case and again while funding the sustainability of eleventy billion nonprofitable hobbies.

I wonder if any of the "it'll never happen" guys from a few years ago are finally opening their eyes. You'd have thought CAB would have been a big enough example of how easy it is to control the population without even having the liability of ownership. The sustainability movement is going to make CAB look like childsplay.

Can a dairy steer, or even a Holstein/Angus F1, be raised in a program that fits even a lax definition of "sustainable" while remaining profitable?


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