Ubiquiti outdoor wifi
Posted 6/10/2021 00:01 (#9050870)
Subject: Ubiquiti outdoor wifi

Currently running an Ubiquiti UniFi system (USG-Pro, UniFi Switch, Gen 1 Cloud Key) inside my shop/office and have a UAP-AC-Lite Access Point for Wifi signal to cell phones, tablet, etc. inside of the building. I would like to put an Access Point (or maybe a few) on the outside of the building to get some wifi coverage around the yard. I was planning to hard wire the outdoor AP's back to my server rack.
What is a good Ubiquiti AP to use for outdoor mounting in this situation? Would a mesh type product (UAP-AC-M) be best? or just a regular AP (UAP-AC-HD)? something else? Does one give better coverage then another? The limiting factor is probably the power of the radio in the portable device (i.e. cell phone) communicating back to the AP I assume.
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