Discrepencies while exporting NMEA from NAV
Posted 6/9/2021 13:02 (#9049959)
Subject: Discrepencies while exporting NMEA from NAV

Has anyone every seen discrepancies while exporting NMEA to another display? ie. On RTK+ pass to pass physically on the ground and on the Pro700 everything is perfect. However on the 20/20 or Agleader Integra exported NMEA from the NAV sometimes looks like WAAS (As if it drifted). 20/20 will shut rows off thinking its overlapping and will show that it is on its map, however on the ground we are not overlapping. Customer also has issues while combining with Auto Cut Width (Same 700/372/NAV) where his mapping looks like WAAS (drifting and showing gaps) but pass to pass on the ground he is perfect. This spring I put a new CNH NAV III with latest software on all 3 components and it still had issues. Just curious if anyone has any insight or ideas? normal channels from support have not helped to this point. TIA
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