Can you work like the Amish?
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Subject: RE: Can you work like the Amish?

coast of Maine
We occasionally haul a few pallets for the Amish locals.I respect them as these guys are smart.On one recent Saturday,Abner came riding with a neighbor to unload about a pallet onto my dock by hand.We were chatting,I remarked "You have it made ,ride home tonight ,chase a girl then sex with a pretty girl,sleep in a tad in the morning (sunday) and you have the day off to socialize and enjoy family and relax,,on the other hand I have to work til 8 tonight ,get up at 3;30 tomorrow ,run my crew,and get time off in a couple months."" he was like"ahh no no"I said well are you done having babies ?"no. ..I guess you are right" with a huge grin he was almost red,,,I outwork them as they have it figured.No gov,no banks,few cel phones,no loans ,no comp,no insurance,,no SSI to pay into, no decisions without others directing(even if wrong ),,,maybe I could be Amish except the others decisions thingy.hehe
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