Hauling Rocks
Posted 6/9/2021 09:32 (#9049688 - in reply to #9049672)
Subject: RE: Hauling Rocks

S.E. Sask.

OntarioCanuck - 6/9/2021 07:26 It is nice to have a use for the rock after you spend time to pick them. Through the years I have been able to build a rock crossing for a stream so I could access the far side and the woodlot there. My handpicked stone work well for putting a bottom in wet places in the trails in the woodlots. Glad you got some rain and when you have enough you could let some of it come our way because we are drier than I would like.

I put either 8 or 10 truck loads in there the last day. Temp was in the 90s so it was hot working. Most of those rocks were picked by my ancestors many years ago. They worked a lot harder putting them in that pile than I did digging them out with the front end loader. Hand picked piles are nice and clean. The modern rock pickers are nice to use but do pick dirt and trash which makes it less than ideal for my purposes. 
Yes, I think we were all glad it rained. Was getting dry again. 

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