Spraying Kochia in headed wheat now or pre harvest.
Posted 6/9/2021 07:58 (#9049524)
Subject: Spraying Kochia in headed wheat now or pre harvest.

Southeast Colorado
These late rains have brought the wheat back to life that I just knew had to be dead. The worst areas are not going to be great...........but probably have 20 bpa potential. The problem is.................kochia is already sticking up above the heads. We are still in the milk stage on the wheat. Pretty sure if we wait until hard dough like is labeled that we won't even be able to see the wheat come harvest time. No herbicide besides Paraquat kills the kochia anymore............and it's not labeled for pre harvest on wheat.

Back in the old days when 2-4-d and Banvel used to kill or at least burn the weeds back I had good results a couple of times spraying the wheat when it was theoretically too early. I think I've got to do something this time.............even if it hurts the wheat some.

Any suggestions or advice??
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