Field View (climate)/Pro 700
Posted 6/8/2021 08:47 (#9047821)
Subject: Field View (climate)/Pro 700

South Central ND
So I'm running a Case 3230 (90' 5 section boom) sprayer this season and I haven't preformed any major updates to it this year yet. The last major update was a couple of years ago when I put Aim Command Flex onto the machine as well as Climate field view with my Ipad to help with mapping. This has been working great for the last couple of years, but this year it seems that the Pro 700 will read out a nice stable rate at 10.5 GPA. While on my Ipad the rate bobs all over the place at random spots in the fields.

I'm in some pretty hilly country so I would understand if that would be an issue, but I have sprayed some 80 acre fields about a week ago that look perfect in my field view maps and they weren't flat by any means. Is there something I'm missing? The Pro 700 is on v31 if that helps.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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