Insight in MT755B
Posted 6/4/2021 12:46 (#9041619 - in reply to #9040906)
Subject: RE: Insight in MT755B

I checked the CAN cable, and it is a 56850. It was in the Agco platform kit 54035-18. The documentation was referencing newer displays, so maybe there is a difference? I’ve tried it in both the P4 and P12 position, there was no change. The translator version is 2833405-00. This is the correct version according to the documentation, but that doesn’t tell me much, except that it would be happy with an FMX and NavII (12.0).

At the back of the tractor, they had the CAN wire plugged into a non-Challenger supplied connection point. I switched it back to the OEM CAN connector, since I’ve read they are self terminating when there is nothing plugged in. The connector is clean, and checking voltages on the CAN at the back and at the B-Pillar seem to check out (around 2-4 volts). Do they sell ISO terminators to rule out the “self terminating” function?

When we were planting, the NavII kept losing connection with the GPS, causing our sprayer to stop since MPH would be lost. After unplugging from the Challenger CAN, the NavII quit crashing out. This makes me think it is communicating, but maybe not talking the same language? It seems like I saw an error on the screen of the Cat when it would crash the NavII, but I don’t recall the message.
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