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Dec 06, 2018 9:22 PM (1842 views)
Edelstein IL

This is what I have left, most of the siding has sold in the last few weeks. See list and pics below.

The siding boards that are left are very weathered and have dried mold on them...some are deeply pitted and/or have cracks in them and are weak in the center...they will likely need to have plywood backing behind them to nail/staple to if you plan to use them as a wainscot, for example. You could turn the siding backwards and use the backsides if you don’t want a weathered look. The surface mold came from when they were stacked together during disassembly and got rained on. The mold has dried out and washes off with water. I have used some of the moldy boards (that I cleaned) in projects with no ill effects.
The dimensional lumber and beams are rough sawn barn wood from the interior of the barn.
I have grand ideas to use all of this in my house someday, but if I have a buyer, I will become a seller.

Weathered siding: 8 pieces 13’ long $.80 per LINEAR foot

Batten boards, weathered grey (no mold): 40 pieces ranging 4.5'-15' long $1.00 per LINEAR foot

1 piece 3x4x8' long board from hay stall with holes drilled to accept wooden spindles (where the animals hay was fed): make offer

$2.50 per BOARD foot of the following:
4x6x7.5' long: qty2
4x6x12.5' long: qty5
6x6x12.5' long:qty2
5.5x8x4' long: qty1
4.5x4x8' long: qty1
5x5x8' long: qty1

For Sale
$1 USD
Contact : Precision112
Aaron at KEprecisionAg dot com

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